Frisco’s First Census – 1910

Last Name  

First Name

Est. Birth Year



Allen Appie 1846 Kentucky I think you will find that this is Mrs. Abbie Allen, for Abdella Slaughter Mayes Allen 13 Apr 1846 – 26 Sep 1922—she was the wife of William H. Allen 1834-1908.
Baccus Allen 1857 Texas This should read Dow Baccus
Barnett Perry 1870 Missouri Perry Barnett becomes the husband (4 November 1900, Denton County, Texas) of Tommie Sublette, daughter of Thomas H. and Mary Sublette in 1920 they are in Hall County, Texas
Batts William 1848 Georgia Appears to be William H. and Eugenia KNIGHTON Butts(Page 78 History of Frisco 1902-1976)
Benedict Edward 1865 Kentucky  
Boyd Charlie A 1871 Tennessee  
Bristow James P 1882 Mississippi  
Bristow Walter 1879 Kentucky  
Brooks William T 1850 Virginia  
Brunner John L 1839 On the 1910 census, John Brunner lists his birth location as “”At Sea””, and the birth locations of his mother and father both as “”Unknown””.
Burke Lindsey 1857 Missouri  
Burkes Mary 1876 Tennessee  
Campbell Thomas J 1849 Kentucky  
Chambers Milton 1883 Texas  
Chappell Emory 1843 Missouri Emory C. Chappell married Dora Smith daughter of Alfred and Elizabeth Smith; most of the CHAPPELL line is buried at Little Elm Cemetery, Denton, Texas
Clarke Ida 1859 Missouri  
Clarke Matthew 1834 Tennessee   aka Matt Clark
Cole Otto 1890 Texas  
Crowder Richard D 1875 Tennessee  
Curley William 1890 Texas   perhaps Kerley
Davis Mattie L 1876 Texas  
Davison Dou A 1871 Texas  
Douglas Robert L 1855 Alabama  
Dourghty John J 1859 Michigan  
Duncan Lawrence 1881 Texas  
Duncan Thomas 1853 Kentucky  
Edwards Joe 1870 Texas  
Eller George T 1856 Kentucky  
Epply Martin 1871 Arkansas  aka Martin Epley
Farmer Joseph S 1883 Tennessee  
Farmer Reman 1881 Tennessee  
Graves John 1874 Ohio  
Griffin John P 1855 Georgia  
Gudgleige Jeff D 1864 South Carolina  Gulledge(sic)
Gullebge Lee 1866 North Carolina  Gulledge (sic)
Hall James M 1861 Kentucky  
Hamilton Margaret 1827 Tennessee  
Hamilton William 1871 Tennessee  
Hare Bob 1893 Georgia  
Herod Catherine 1889 Texas  
Hill John H 1852 Tennessee John H. Hill married Alice Stoddard daughter of Zerah and Elizabeth Stoddard
Hill Kelly 1888 Tennessee  
Hill William L 1884 Texas  
Jackson Ed 1866 Texas  
Johnson Robert 1849 Texas  
Kelsy George 1870 Kentucky  
Linsey Lou 1886 Texas  
Mcconnel Harry L 1881 Texas  
Mcconnel Owen H 1876 Texas  
Mcfall John W 1869 Texas  
Mcintire Fred E 1880 Illinois  Should read McIntire
Mckinney Charles 1867 Texas  Should read McKinney
Miller Sam W 1847 Mississippi  
Mitchell Will 1861 Missouri  
Monroe Beatrice 1887 Texas  
Parks Frank 1890 Tennessee  
Peters Earnest B 1889 Texas  
Rippley Richard 1872 Kentucky  
Robertson William 1867 Texas  
Rodgers Isaac S 1862 Texas   Dr. Isaac Stewart Rogers
Rodgers John 1879 Texas  
Rodgers Tom 1880 California  
Rowe Theodore A 1869 Illinois  
Rudolph Clarence 1886 Texas  
Rudolph Katie 1868 Texas  
Sapp George 1869 North Carolina  
Selman Linnie 1894 Texas  
Shrader Fount P 1871 Arkansas  
Smith William M 1878 Texas  
Smorerrvill Nemo 1850 Missouri This should read Mary Sommerwill. She was married to H. Y. Sommerwill (See Little Elm Cemetery Records) Her first husband was Thomas Sublette.
Staly William B 1839 North Carolina  aka Staley
Tarpley Sterling 1880 Texas  
Trout Jessie P 1879 Texas  
Waggner William J 1871 Tennessee  aka Wagoner/Waggoner
Watson Felix 1883 Texas  
Webb William H 1857 Tennessee  
Wells William 1857 Texas  
White John B 1867 Texas  
Wilson Tuck 1879 Kentucky  
Wolf Will G 1867 Tennessee  


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  • Waggner, above, should be Waggoner or Wagoner (I forgot which is on their shared gravestone in Bethel Cemetery). He was married to Lucy Adella Shrader, who was the daughter of the only child (John Burr Shrader)of George Hammond Shrader and Mary Inez Gibbs to stay in Tennesse when they left in the fall of 1870. They are listed on the 1870 census in Coffee County, Tennessee. William J. Waggoner was in the lumber business in Frisco. He is mentioned in several places in the Frisco Book. He had a funeral carriage in which he picked up the body of the deceased at the home and carried it to the cemetery. — Frances Miers Muller – 19 Mar 2007 – 20:39

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