Interested in joining our Frisco Heritage surname directory? 

It’s a growing directory of those doing study of specific surnames.  To post your name go to the contact page and send an email listing of no more than 4 surnames that you would like to have linked to your name so that others might be able to reach you for further research. Be sure to include your full name; email address and surnames (please, only 4 at a time)


If you have a query about a Frisco Family—just submit it on the contact page and we will post it. Under construction–but send your queries and we will post as soon as possible.

Learning more

One of the main goals of the Frisco Genealogical Society is to educate the public about family history research. Here you’ll find some free simple sugestions that may answer some questions you have about getting started and gathering information from others.

Getting started

If you’ve always wondered how to go about learning more about your Frisco family tree, this  information should answer your basic questions and get you started on an enjoyable journey to discovery.

We are happy to help you find out more about your Frisco family ancestors. We endeavor to network through our members to share any knowledge they might have as well as taking on an exchange of family study.

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