Dunaway Cemetery

Dunaway Family Cemetery

Frisco,Collin County,Texas

(Originally referred to this area as Lebanon)

 Take Preston Road (289) to Lebanon Road; go east on Lebanon to Colby Dr.; go South on Colby Drive to Nightfall; go west on Nightfall and it curves into Heron.  The cemetery is located in the curve of Heron and Nightfall.

Location:   33° 07′ 02″N      96° 48′ 00″W

Information of the DUNAWAY family members…

This is a family plot cemetery and the eldest graves that remain with markers are from the Samuel and Mary/Polly Dunaway line. It is, however, most often referred to as the Dunaway Family Cemetery.  In 1861, the abstract of the title states Foster W. Dunaway’s lien to own this land along with reference to Samuel S. Jones. (Katharine Dunaway, sister to Foster W. Dunaway married Isaac Jones and they named their first born, Samuel Jones.) Foster W. Dunaway’s parents, Samuel and Polly Dunaway came from Tennessee with several of their children and settled in Texas.

For a time, Foster Dunaway lived in Dallas County and is said to have had a shop (most often referred to as a drug store of sorts) near the cabin of John Neely Bryan.  Foster’s brother, Jefferson Madison Dunaway settled in Ellis County, Texas.  Other siblings settled in Wise County and Dallas County, Texas and others remained in Tennessee. Isaac Jones and wife Katherine Dunaway Jones, appear to have lived most of their life in Dallas County in an area named as Pleasant Valley (where they are also buried)


Foster W. Dunaway     Foster Dunaway Tombstone

Foster Dunaway was a single young man when he came to Texas and here he met Eucebia Nevel Granberry daughter of Hiram and Elizabeth Granberry. Eucebia was born in Mississippi. (In 1850, in Rankin County, Mississippi, Hiram and Elizabeth Granberry had seven children.) On July 24th 1853, Foster W. Dunaway and Eucebia N. Granberry were married in Dallas, County.

Inscription for Eucebia Dunaway leans on the tree

E N Dunaway  In the middle of the cemetery the large stone of F. W. Dunaway facing east and on the reverse side of the same stone it says E. N. Dunaway, wife of F. W. (with dates)



In so much as, several of the graves at the Dunaway Family Cemetery are marked with single names, it is not completely clear who they mark.

Infant Dunaway

Embedded in the base of a large tree there is a stone marked only as “infant”.  It is not placed in proximity to any other stone as to infer a relationship to another stone.

There is a row of stones somewhat to the right of George Dunaway:  Pictured here  is one of those stones…




  George N. Dunaway

George Dunaway

There is a large overturned, Woodman of the World stone for George N. Dunaway (Son of Foster and Eucebia Dunaway) His wife Annie Chapman Dunaway is buried at Rowlett Cemetery in Collin County.

Samuel and Polly Dunaway

Samuel and Polly Dunaway

Then to the north side of this grouping is the monument of Polly and Samuel Dunaway.  There are also two stones nearby with the initials P.D. and S. D. (with dates on monument)

It is assumed that Polly Dunaway was the first burial in this cemetery in 1867. The next two would not be until 1875.

Dora Dunaway Evans



Just to the left of the F W Dunaway stone is Dora E. Evans and another stone that says the name Eucebia.


 The Dunaway Family Cemetery  Inventory     The following is an inventory of the Dunaway Cemetery currently (2007) located in Frisco, Collin County, Texas.  The cemeteries first burial appears to be in 1867 of Polly/Mary Dunaway and at that time the area was known as Lebanon.

F. W. Dunaway …….November 7, 1823–January 15, 1917

On the opposite side of  F. W. Dunaway stone: ………Wife of F. W. Dunaway E. N. Dunaway………..September 28, 1835 –July 6, 1874

George N. DunawayJanuary 13 ,1867–October 15,1905            Woodman of the World   Also includes a foot stone marked G.N.D.

Dora E. Evans……1854-1923  (* Texas State Death Index states : 1922 as does her obit in the McKinney newspaper)

Polly Dunaway June 30, 1789–November 6, 1867 (on the same stone with Samuel)     (Also includes a single marker with initials P.D.)

Samuel Dunaway May 9, 1792–Lived 88 yrs.(on the same stone with Polly)     (Also includes a single marker with initials S.D.)

Below are single given named stones about the size of a small child’s shoe box basically placed in a line with the exception of “infant” and “Eucebia

Mary E.

John W.  (John W. Dunaway is listed in the Galveston News as drowning while bathing in the Trinity, aged 21.  Friday, May 24, 1878.)


Mother (possible suggestion that this is the foot stone of Eucebia the Mother as it lines up in placement of her stone)





( no surnames or dates)

One might assume from the stones that the last grave to be interred was that of Dora Evans, in 1922.

Note: The daughter of Foster W. Dunaway, Eucebia J. Crume/Crumes is buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Dallas, Dallas, County, Texas. Below is a stone that marks the name Eucebia.    Eucebia J. Dunaway Crume/Crumes was moved to the spot she is at now in Greenwood. It is not clear from where she was moved from; however, Greenwood lists two records for her. Her son was tragically murdered and it was said that she wished to always be near him.  It appears he is buried at Greenwood.


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Information researched and compiled by Claudia Fields Kraemer, Frisco, Texas (2007)